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Contact our Claims Department – 021 712 6686

Contact our Intasure Assist helpline – 086 011 0243

Losses should be advised by telephone as soon as possible. Any occurrence which may result in a claim should be reported within 30 days. To assist in keeping adequate records of the total cost of risk, losses falling within any excess or deductible should also be reported. In the latter case, only brief details are required and not full claims documentation.
Complete the appropriate claim form, found on our website, and submit to Intasure (Pty) Ltd with supporting documents as quickly as possible.


  1. Insurers have the option to repair, replace, reinstate or pay in cash and have the right to assess the loss. Do not repair or replace lost or damaged property without consulting Intasure (Pty) Ltd.

  2. Never admit liability for any incident and do not negotiate with third parties. Any correspondence received from third parties should be sent to Intasure (Pty) Ltd without delay. Do not correspond with third parties unless you have been authorised to do so by Intasure (Pty) Ltd.

  3. In the event of a summons, prompt notification must be given to Intasure (Pty) Ltd.

  4. Property which is the subject of any claim is required to be protected from further damage in the same way as reasonable precautions are required to prevent losses.
    Minimise the extent of any loss and act as if uninsured.

  5. Keep damaged items or salvage.

  6. Notify the Police immediately in the event of death, riot, theft or arson.

  7. Late notification of claims will prejudice claims settlement and rights of recovery; meaning that the insurance company could repudiate the claim.

  8. Collate circumstances / facts surrounding the cause of loss.

  9. Injuries sustained at work must be reported to the Commissioner for Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COIDA) in addition to advising Intasure (Pty) Ltd if the employee is covered by the Group Personal Accident Programme.

Theft / Business All Risks claim

  • Proof of the forcible & violent entry to the vehicle / premises;
  • Quote for replacement or repair
  • Police case reference number.

Motor Accident Claim

  • Send appropriate Claim Form
  • Police case number and police station the accident was reported to;
  • One quotation for the repair costs;
  • Copy of driver’s licence;
  • Copy of ID document.

Motor Theft

  • Send appropriate Claim Form & copy of registration certificate.
  • Contact and report theft to our offices immediately to enable us to appoint an investigator.


  • Send appropriate Claim Form

Responsibilities of our claims department

  • Intasure (Pty) Ltd will assist in formulating the claim.
  • Intasure (Pty) Ltd will appoint loss adjusters.
  • Intasure (Pty) Ltd will maintain a computerised record of all claims.

Intasure Assist and Lifestyle Benefit

By phoning 0860 110 243 you will obtain immediate assistance for the following:

Roadside Assist

  • Flat battery (jump start)
  • Flat tyre (help with change of tyre)
  • Keys locked in vehicle (unlocking only)
  • Transmission of urgent messages
  • Overnight storage of vehicle

Above limited to R500 per incident

Tow in service to the nearest repair centre following:

  • Mechanical breakdown – up to R500
  • Electrical breakdown – up to R500
  • Accident Damage – up to R1 850

Should you breakdown more than 100 km from home:

  • Overnight accommodation or 24 hour car rental up to R500
  • R1 000 towards the cost of transporting your vehicle back to
    your residence should the vehicle be left for repairs

Home Assist

In the event of a home emergency arrangement will be made for an appropriate repairer (electrician, locksmith, plumber etc) to attend to the problem at your home. The call out fee and one hours labour is covered.






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