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BEE – Black Economic Empowerment

Intasure is a Financial Services company with a big social conscience. We are fully BEE compliant and our Corporate Social Responsibility program makes a difference in the lives of thousands of poor school children living in the Cape Flats.

BEE compliance shows how willing a company is to work for the benefit of society and contribute to real equality in the modern South Africa.

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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Intasure’s Aquarius School Feeding Project makes a difference in the lives of thousands of impoverished school children by bringing them what is often the first and only meal that they will get every day. The program, headed by Mr. Colby, targets thousands of desperately poor learners who live below the poverty line in the Cape Flats.

Corporate social responsibility means a great deal to us. Intasure believes in the future and we care deeply about educating young minds. The Aquarius school feeding project is a corporate Social responsibility project that brings hope to impoverished learners in the Cape Flats. These are desperately poor young children who have very little chance of succeeding in life without enough food in their bellies to concentrate on lessons.

Many of the children live in informal settlements and receive no food other than what they are given at school by the Aquarius project. Numerous studies have shown that children who have not eaten are unable to concentrate on learning. This research has been confirmed by the teachers of these severely impoverished children. Educators have even reported that some children have been known to collapse at school assemblies due to hunger.

Intasure’s Aquarius Project van, driven by Mr. Colby delivers bread and soup to 15 of the poorest schools in the Cape at the beginning of every week, supplying food for the entire student population in the form of bread, nourishing soup and even boerewors rolls. The food delivered by the Aquarius Project supplies the school for an entire week, ensuring that the learners are given at least one good meal a day.

To make sure that every child gets to make the most of his or her education, teachers at the schools also identify the neediest children and the Aquarius school feeding project then gives these children a loaf of bread to take home for their families. This acts as a powerful incentive for poverty stricken parents to send their children to school as they know that the child will bring home both knowledge and sustenance..


  Intasure is an Authorised Financial Service Provider FSP Licence Number: 13995  
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